Cross to the Other Side

Cross to the Other Side
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This is so good!

I’ve never seen this story from this perdpective before, but it does remind me of Ephesians 6:12

Remember who your enemy is, and that “kindness” is not equivalent to peace.

Who knows what forces must be overcome to cross your own lake? Even if that lake is just the other side of the tracks – or the yard beyond your own fence.

I do know this. My own neighbors cannot hear the voice of Yeshua through the fog of drugs, alcohol, and spiritual darkness that they dwell in. (And if you think I’m being harsh on my neighbors…we all have that ONE neighbor. So take it easy. And if you’re my neighbor and you read this…good for you. Let’s meet for tea sometime.)

Peace is not gained by tolerance of evil, but by speaking out against it. Speaking not to condemn, but save.

Isn’t that, after all, The Way?

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